The region's residents enjoy the benefits of relaxed country living, friendly and active communities without the pressures of time or traffic congestion experienced in city centres. 

As the region’s economy builds, residents are expected to benefit from the opportunities and development occurring within Dalby and the surrounding district.

The Dalby region is a hive of activity and growth through continued agriculture, manufacturing and resource diversification:

  • Over the past five years the Dalby region has experienced a rapid increase in population, reversing the trend of rural decline.
  • Strong growth and development is evident across the region in electricity, gas and water supply, up 30.3% to $41.7 million while professional services, transport and manufacturing has also experienced greater than 15% annual growth. 
  • Almost 10% of Queensland's manufacturing gross domestic product is produced within the Dalby region. 
  • The energy resources sector, which comprises coal, coal seam gas, coal seam gas water, ethanol and power station development, has the potential to more than triple the gross regional product.

Developments in and around Dalby…

Recent developments:

  • Dalby waste water recycling plant
  • Braemar 2 450 MW Gas fired power station Stage 2 [$545M]
  • Braemar 2 Gas Pipeline [$60M]
  • Biofuel refinery (Australia's first grain to ethanol plant)
  • Dalby Events Centre [$4M]
  • Dalby Hospital upgrade [$20M]
  • Kogan Creek Coal Mine and 750 MW base load Power Station [$1B]
  • Arrow Energy gas fired 25 MW power station
  • Braemar Energex 450 MW gas fired power station Stage 1
  • Arrow Energy Coal seam gas project & pipeline to Braemar power station
  • Dalby Shopping World complex [$50M]
  • Grassdale 52,000 head feedlot [$40M]

Developments in progress:

  • Thermal Solar Power Station upgrade - largest in southern hemisphere [$66m]
  • Ergon Energy base load power generation facility [$52M]
  • Ergon Reinforcement of Dalby supply [$37M]
  • Stage 3 of Braemar Power Station
  • Coopers Gap Wind Farm - construction of 252 Wind Towers [$1B]
  • Darling Downs 630 MW Combined Cycle Power Station [$780M]
  • Liquified Natural Gas Plant - Liquegas, Daandine [$60M]
  • Carbon Energy Underground Coal Gasification - Kogan pilot project
  • Wandoan to Banana 210km rail project to link Surat basin towns to Gladstone

Proposed developments:

  • Ergon Kogan electricity infrastructure [$35M]
  • Abattoir
  • Glen Wilga Coal Mine
  • Rail Link - Tarong Power Station to Chinchilla [$350M]
  • Australian Inland Rail Corridor Project - Melbourne to Darwin via Dalby
  • Nathan Dam and pipeline into the Surat Basin to Dalby
  • Learning and Cultural Precinct
  • Daandine Power Station
  • Expansion of Kogan Creek Power Station

For further information visit

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